Beerhouses, Brothels and Bobbies

David Taylor

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ISBN: 978-1-86218-139-7

Subject area: History

Published: November 2016


Pages: 301 pages

Publisher: University of Huddersfield Press

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Professor David Taylor has established a fine reputation for his books and articles on the history of policing in England. This new book on Huddersfield policing looks at the mid-nineteenth century and issues facing the local area in relation to policing a centre of West Riding textile production.



Acknowledgements vii
Tables ix
Maps & Illustrations xi
Abbreviations xii
Chapter 1:
Introduction: Themes, Sources and Context 1

Part 1: Huddersfield
Chapter 2:
The Development of the Borough Police Force:
Continuity and Change 15
Chapter 3:
The Watch Committee, Her Majesty’s Inspector
of Constabulary and the Management of the
Huddersfield Police Force 49
Chapter 4:
The Men of the Borough Force 77
Chapter 5:
Beats and Streets 107
Chapter 6:
Criminals or Victims? 133

Part 2: The Huddersfield District (Upper Agbrigg)
Chapter 7:
Thomas Heaton and the
Superintending Constable System 159
Chapter 8:
The Early Years of the
West Riding County Constabulary 181
Chapter 9:
Trouble in Honley and Holmfirth 209
Chapter 10:
Crime, Custom and Culture 233
Chapter 11:
Conclusions and the Contentious
Question of ‘Policing by Consent’ 263

Author Biography 287
Index 289


David Taylor is a modern social and political historian working in the fields of nineteenth and twentieth century English and German history. He specialises in the history of crime and policing and has published widely on the subject. At foundation level he contributes to the teaching of Modern Europe & the World. At intermediate level he contributes to the teaching of Nineteenth Century Britain while at advanced level he offers the modules, Crime, Policing & Punishment. David also contributes to the MA in History.