Overcoming Form: reflections on immersive listening

Ricard Glover and Bryn Harrison

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ISBN: 978-1-86218-120-5

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5920/of.2013

Subject area: Music

Published: November 2013

Dimensions: 23 x 25 x 0.7 cm

Pages: 90 pages

Publisher: University of Huddersfield Press

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This short collection of essays focuses on four areas of immersive sound environments: repetition, sustained tones, performed installations and approaches to extended forms. Through in depth exploration of the experiential nature of these subjects, the authors offer reflections upon the materials used for these environments, how they are organised, and the consequences of this on how we listen.


Chapter 1    Sustained tones, sustained durations, Richard Glover
Chapter 2    Performed installations, Richard Glover
Chapter 3    Repetitions in extended time: recursive structures and musical temporality, Bryn Harrison
Chapter 4    Listening through Morton Feldman’s Triadic Memories, Bryn Harrison


Richard Glover is a composer based in Huddersfield, where he completed his PhD investigating perception and cognition within music of sustained tone textures. He is currently a lecturer in composition at Huddersfield, and researches the perception, construction and notation of experimental musics. He has written book chapters on the music of Phill Niblock and the role of technology in minimalist music, and is currently working on publications concerning the temporal experience in experimental music. His portrait cd Logical Harmonies was released on the ‘another timbre’ label in October 2013.

Bryn Harrison is a composer and a senior lecturer at the University of Huddersfield from where he was awarded a PhD by Publication in 2007. He has established a close working relationship with many international ensembles including Ensemble Plus-Minus, ELISION, Apartment House, Asamisimasa, Exaudi and the London Sinfonietta. His recent output has seen the further development of recursive musical structures with a series of compositions of long duration such as the 45’ ensemble work repetitions in extended time (2008) and the 76’ solo piano piece Vessels (2012/13) available on the ‘another timbre’ label in October 2013.

Mike Walker is a painter, printmaker, teacher and writer based in Chichester in the South East of England. He has exhibited widely including solo exhibitions at Claremont Studios, Hastings, The Bowery, Leeds and Abbot
Hall Gallery, Kendal as well as numerous group exhibitions. He has a strong interest in contemporary music and has undertaken several collaborations, principally with the composer Bryn Harrison including in 2006 Music for a Biographies overcoming form : reflections on immersive listening Light Room / Music for a Dark Room, Exeter Phoenix, commissioned for tEXt 06, Exeter. He is presently an Associate Lecturer at the Universities of Kent and Chichester. More recently he has begun to write pieces for other artists. He lives in Chichester with his wife and son.