The Making of a University

John O'Connell

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ISBN: 978-1-86218-054-3

Subject area: History

Published: October 2016

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Pages: 163 pages

Publisher: University of Huddersfield Press

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This book is a record of the development of an institution with a remarkable history. Its foundations go back to the early part of the nineteenth century when the local Huddersfield community decided it wanted a place of learning to promote the education of the working classes. Since 1825 development has encompassed a mechanics institution, a female educational institute, a college of technology and a polytechnic, before becoming the University of Huddersfield we know today. The author, the late John O'Connell, was a Professor at Huddersfield and this book draws upon his research which now resides in the University archives.


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Part 1: From mechanics institution to polytechnic 1841-1970

Part 2: The polytechnic of Huddersfield 1970-1992





After war service in the Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm), John graduated and trained as a teacher at Manchester University. He was appointed Senior Lecturer in History at the Huddersfield College of Technology in 1964, after 14 years as Head of History and Librarian at Penistone Grammar School. When the College became a Polytechnic in 1970 he was made Principle Lecturer, then Head of History and Political Studies in 1972, Head of the Department of Humanities in 1982 and finally Professor of the Polytechnic in 1984 before retiring aged 1989.