Zeta Potential

Various Artists

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Subject area: Classical: Contemporary

Release date: June 2014

Publisher: Huddersfield Contemporary Records


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Zeta Potential is a collection of 21 live performances of striking, innovative works by some of the most talented emerging composers based in Europe. Containing pieces premiered at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (hcmf//) in 2011 and 2012 by experimental new music ensembles including the Nieuw Ensemble, Icarus Ensemble and Ensemble 10/10, Zeta Potential is a compelling collection of pioneering new compositions.

Over the course of 2010-2012, 24 young composers took part in the innovative European Composers’ Professional Development Programme. Developed by hcmf//, the programme offered some of the most gifted up-and-coming composers (selected from universities and conservatoires in the UK, Italy and The Netherlands) the opportunity to collaborate with a leading new music ensemble in a country other than their own.

The composers spent a series of intensive weekends visiting and working with the Nieuw Ensemble (NL), Ensemble 10/10 (UK) or Icarus Ensemble (IT), before having their works premiered at hcmf//. The workshops provided space to experiment and try out new ideas not normally possible in time-pressured or public workshop contexts, resulting in a series of stunning, innovative compositions by some of Europe’s leading emerging composers.

Zeta Potential is a collection of 21 original works which materialised from this programme.

The European Composers' Professional Development Programme was funded by European Commission Culture Programme and the Musicians Benevolent Fund.


1. E un vecchio dice parole di un mondo fa Nieuw Ensemble (Giuseppe Califano)    
2. Voci diffuse ritornano Nieuw Ensemble (Bernardo Maria Sannino)    
3. Bet giyorgis Nieuw Ensemble (Matthew Sergeant)    
4. A Thread, Entwined Nieuw Ensemble (Emily Wright)    
5. Way to the Other Shore Ensemble 10/10 (Hui Tak-Cheung)    
6. Brechung Ensemble 10/10 (comoser Alessio Ferrante)    
7. Nel suono, nello spazio. Contrappunti Ensemble 10/10 (Gaetano Nenna)    
8. Eleven Short Pieces for Icarus Icarus Ensemble (Trevor Grahl)    
9. I Supikkjarìi Icarus Ensemble (Marcello Messina)    
10. Land Way Out of Place Icarus Ensemble (Finola Merivale)    
11. Zeta Potential Nieuw Ensemble (Helen Papaioannou)    
12. Song to the Bare City Nieuw Ensemble (Jonathan Brigg)    
13. Grave Nieuw Ensemble (Andrea Sarto)    
14. Finding a Tangency Nieuw Ensemble (Maurizio Azzan)    
15. Addicted to Wah Ensemble 10/10 (Elizabeth A. Kelly)    
16. Recite Ensemble 10/10 (Rens Tienstra)    
17. Heile Ensemble 10/10 (Alessandro Anatrini)    
18. Perspectives Ensemble 10/10 (Annachiara Gedda)    
19. House of the Sleeping Beauties for Five Players Icarus Ensemble (Chikako Morishita)    
20. Seven Shrinking Machines Icarus Ensemble (Ben Gaunt)    
21. Floating Icarus Ensemble (Fátima Fonte)


Zeta Potential is a collection of 21 original works which materialised from this programme. Composers of each track are:

1. Giuseppe Califano
2. Bernardo Maria Sannino
3. Matthew Sergeant
4. Emily Wright
5. Hui Tak-Cheung
6. Alessio Ferrante
7. Gaetano Nenna
8. Trevor Grahl
9. Marcello Messina
10. Finola Merivale
11. Helen Papaioannou
12. Jonathan Brigg
13. Andrea Sarto
14. Maurizio Azzan
15. Elizabeth A. Kelly
16. Rens Tienstra
17. Alessandro Anatrini
18. Annachiara Gedda
19. Chikako Morishita
20. Ben Gaunt
21, Fátima Fonte

More detailed programme notes are available here



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