Information for authors

The University of Huddersfield Press welcomes monograph, journal and sound recordings submissions from authors and editors.

Monographs and edited works

Journal submissions

Forms to download

Monographs and edited works

Examples of publications considered are:

  • Scholarly monographs related to specific areas of research in the University
  • One off conference proceedings
  • Titles of local, regional or national interest
  • Research outputs including theses (if recommended by a supervisor and subsequently peer reviewed)
  • Teaching materials which have a market beyond the University of Huddersfield

In order to submit a proposal, please download our Book proposal form and return it to

Open Access

The University Press is an open access publisher and we aim to make the final PDF of the book available for free and immediate download. In addition, we will print a limited run of print copies or provide print on demand. In exceptional circumstances we will consider an embargo on open access for up to 12 months after first publication.


As an open access publisher, the Press needs to recover publishing costs. Typically these costs will be around £4,500 for works of up to 70,000 words, although these costs will differ according to word count, number of pages and number of images included.

Author costs can be covered by funders, such as the Heritage Lottery Fund and Leverhulme Trust. They can also be covered by School research budgets and central University funds if the publication is felt to be a benefit to the local community.

Peer Review

Initial proposals will be reviewed by the Press Editorial Board and academic colleagues at the University of Huddersfield. Reports will then be sent to authors for comments and feedback. Authors may be asked for a revised proposal before the Press Board makes a decision to accept or decline.

On acceptance, manuscripts will be sent to at least two reviewers, who will provide suggestions/comments/feedback to the authors .


Upon acceptance of a proposal, the University Press will provide a ‘licence to publish’. This licence will give the Press the right to first publication, however, copyright will remain with the author(s). All books will be licenced using a Creative Commons licence. The preferred licence is a Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC BY), however, other Creative Commons licences will be considered in exceptional circumstances. For more information on Creative Commons licences please refer to For Humanities and Social Sciences authors, please refer to


The University Press is a not for profit Open Access publisher, as such, authors royalties are not paid.

Publication Schedule

Once a contract has been agreed, the Press manager will meet with the author(s) to agree a publication schedule. This schedule will include the time taken for the final manuscript to be sent for review, which will normally take between six and eight weeks. Copy editing, typesetting, design and printing (if required) will normally take up to eight weeks.

On publication

The Press will assign an ISBN and DOI for the publication. Open Access copies will be made available via the University Repository, the University Press web pages and the Directory of Open Access Books. The author is also encouraged to make the PDF available on their own website or link to the Press version.

If print copies are provided, the Press will register the title with Nielsen BookData and arrange for sale at Amazon and the University Online Store. Titles will also be offered to specialist bookshops and suppliers and local bookshops if appropriate.

The Press will work with the author to discuss the distribution of review copies and marketing.


Journal submissions

The Press welcomes proposals for new peer reviewed open access journals, please download our journal proposal form and return it to 

Potential editors should ensure that the proposal form is filled out in full. Of particular importance are details of the international editorial board and identification of a gap in the market that the proposed journal will address.

All journals will be expected to publish at least one issue a year, with a minimum of 5 articles. In addition all journals should be peer reviewed and this process should be explained on the journal landing page.

Set up costs

There is a one off cost of £750 for the setup of the journal landing pages, in some circumstances this cost may be covered by the University Press.

All other administrative and technical costs are covered by the University Press, however, journal editors will be expected to cover copy editing charges.


The Press uses a ‘licence to publish’ for article authors. This licence will give the Press the right to first publication, however, copyright will remain with the author(s). All journal articles will be licenced using a Creative Commons (CC BY) licence.

Article Processing Charges

The University Press is an open access publisher, however, it does not levee article processing charges from potential authors or funders. Apart from the costs outlined above, all costs are covered by the University Press.


All University Press journals are published through the University Press platform, which uses the Institutional Repository. This ensures that journals are discoverable via Google, Google Scholar and the Summon web scale discovery system. Negotiations are also ongoing with other discovery system providers.

The Press will also register the journal with the Directory of Open Access Journals, providing the journal meets the criteria.