• Volume 8 of 'FIELDS: Journal of Huddersfield Student Research' is now live

    Volume 8 of 'FIELDS: Journal of Huddersfield Student Research' is now live

    Posted by Huddersfield Press on 2022-05-19

We are excited to announce that the eighth volume of FIELDS: Journal of Huddersfield Student Research is now live and the content is available to read completely free online at https://www.fieldsjournal.org.uk/


Fields was developed to disseminate the very best of predominately undergraduate research, and this eighth volume presents student research on a wide array of topics from across the disciplines of social science, arts, humanities, law and applied sciences.


A three-stage editorial process starts with nominations of excellent research assignments which are reviewed in each academic school to identify those with the potential for conversion to a journal paper. Following feedback and redrafting the papers are submitted to the FIELDS editorial panel for academic peer review.


This year, Professor Hazel Bryan and Dr Berenice Golding have taken over as co-managing editors and comment: “We are pleased to be able to present the range of research undertaken across the University that is reflected in these engaging papers, each one of which is highly thought-provoking. The student researchers have positioned themselves within their respective fields, taking their place as competent researchers. This edition offers a particularly engaging series of papers that will offer provocation and new ways of seeing”


At Huddersfield we recognise the immense value to the student in promoting their work and learning to express their findings publicly as well as the benefit of sharing new knowledge that could otherwise be lost. This forms the basis for continually developing the FIELDS journal as part of an environment supportive of academic exploration.

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