• Call for Papers – Crime, Security and Society – July 2019

    Call for Papers – Crime, Security and Society – July 2019

    Posted by Dawn Cockcroft on 2019-07-16

Crime, Security and Society is a peer-reviewed online publication from the University of Huddersfield Press. (ISSN 2398-130X)

Crime, Security and Society
is an open access publication founded in 2018, with a primary focus on crime and security issues across the globe. The papers within the publication are written, co-authored and edited by academics and practitioners across multiple disciplines that would not ordinarily collaborate with one another. Consequently, the material the journal publishes is particularly sought after, as it is of wide interest across policy, practical and academic fields.

The journal is, therefore, interdisciplinary in its nature and preferred approaches to research and writing. Crime, Security and Society seeks to provide those with an interest in the varied subject matters, articles and texts that are both of interest and of utility to its readers. Previous topics have included, but are not limited to; studies on mental health, rehabilitation and forensic science.

The new issue will seek to expand the journal’s already broad academic and practical scope, as well as aiming to provide fresh multidisciplinary perspectives on the many aspects of crime and security in our society.

All contributions will be peer-reviewed subject to their acceptance, to find out more about Crime, Security and Society, and how to submit your work, visit the
website .

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