• How can Kudos help you to share your research?

    How can Kudos help you to share your research?

    Posted by Dawn Cockcroft on 2016-10-25

Have you come across Kudos yet? We have been working with Kudos since their launch in 2014 and have been seeing some great results for researchers at Huddersfield.
Kudos was created to provide a set of tools for academics, their institutions and publishers to measure the impact that their articles are having, and to allow the authors to take action to increase the impact. These actions include explaining their work to lay audiences, creating an impact statement, adding a short title to aid skimming, translations of key metadata to aid discoverability, linking to relevant resources such as blogs/videos/press releases, and using tools to share their work through social and traditional media. The results of these actions are measurable and all link the reader back to the version of record on the publisher’s site.
Smith, David (2013-12-17). "What is Kudos? An Interview with David Sommer, Co-Founder" . The Scholarly Kitchen . Retrieved 2016-10-24 .

Have a look at this handy infographic to see how using Kudos is helping Huddersfield researchers to share their work

[caption id="attachment_34" align="aligncenter" width="1108"] Huddersfield Kudos Infographic Huddersfield Kudos Infographic[/caption]

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