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New Book: The Political Economy of the Hospital in History

Posted by Huddersfield Press on 2021-03-10

Our latest publication The Political Economy of the Hospital in History (Eds. Martin Gorsky, Margarita Vilar-Rodríguez and Jerònia Pons-Pons) examines the history of the hospital across different countries and times.As the healthcare sector has grown and developed so its costs have risen, with hospitals playing an essential role in healthcare and promoting economic activities and [...]

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Our author James Mendelsohn discusses the banning of Hezbollah

Posted by Dawn Cockcroft on 2018-04-12

Hezbollah in its entirety must be banned by the UK government – here's why James Mendelsohn , University of Huddersfield Earlier this year , a billboard in Luton, England, had to be taken down after it was vandalised with graffiti. The poster was advertising an al-Quds Day rally. This anti-Israel, anti-American event originated in Iran and has spread [...]

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Our author Dainis Ignatans discusses links between immigration and crime

Posted by Dawn Cockcroft on 2018-04-11

Immigration and crime, is there a link? shutterstock Dainis Ignatans , University of Huddersfield I am an immigrant. Many people worry about those like me, and those from other countries who might follow in my footsteps. Bold newspaper headlines either blame immigrants for a whole host of issues or portray them as saintly [...]

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First issue of new Crime, Security and Society journal is out now!

Posted by Dawn Cockcroft on 2018-02-08

We are excited to announce the publication of the first issue of our brand new Crime, Security and Society journal. What does the journal cover? Crime, Security and Society is an academic journal, housed within the Secure Societies Institute, which seeks a wide and diverse audience of academics and practitioners who strive to better understand and reduce both current and future [...]

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Politics and society in contemporary fiction - author interview with Ruby Cowling

Posted by Dawn Cockcroft on 2017-11-20

Ruby Cowling is one of the authors published in our collection of poetry and prose, I You He She It , published earlier this year. In this blog post she talks about how fiction writing can be an outlet for your own viewpoints, but also a way to explore societal issues. Something to say? Tell a story In my current work-in-progress, a novel, I have found myself [...]

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