British Journal of Pharmacy

british journal of pharmacy

British Journal of Pharmacy (ISSN 2058-8356) is an online peer-reviewed open access journal offering gold open access with no article processing charges (APCs). The Journal aims to publish original research papers, critical reviews and rapid communications on the latest developments in pharmacy.

The journal accepts manuscripts highlighting novel research and development in pharmacy. The submission can be accepted from a wide array of pharmaceutical sciences, including the practice of pharmacy, novel therapeutic targets and molecular pharmacy, contemporary formulation strategies to improve drug delivery and targeting, industrial pharmacy, pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics and therapeutics, pharmacoeconomics, pharmacovigilance and innovations in teaching pharmacy.

Journal of Performance Magic

journal of performance magic

Despite the perennial reports of magic’s demise at the hands of both old and new media Performance Magic is more popular and inventive than ever before. It is a performance art with a vibrant culture of live performances, popular TV shows, and emerging forms that use the street and the internet to create unique performances, to stage challenging effects and to engage new audiences and practitioners. The popularity of contemporary performance magic now rivals the magic assemblage of the nineteenth century’s ‘golden age’ of magic and certainly overshadows it both invention and in its astonishing scope.

The Journal of Performance Magic focuses on a multidisciplinary and contemporary approach to the field. Covering the influence, legacy and future of performance magic on wider performing arts practice and other diverse academic disciplines. In recent years the academic study of performance magic has made exciting creative links within emerging disciplines; such links include the cognitive sciences, architectural design, and emerging technologies. The Journal of Performance Magic seeks to strengthen these links as well as encourage reflection on areas of performance magic not already covered in publication and develop new perspectives on areas already heavily researched.

Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Research and Practice

mental health and learning disabilities research and practice

Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Research and Practice was a joint publication between South West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Trust and the University of Huddersfield. Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Research and Practice encompasses a wide range of material appropriate for mental health practitioners, social care practitioners, researchers, educators, users of mental health services, carers, and voluntary sector workers.

RADAR: Review / Art / Design / Architecture / Research

radar: review / art / design / architecture / research

RADAR was published annually by the School of Art, Design and Architecture. The review highlighted the interdisciplinary and diverse work taking place in the School at the time, as represented through the selected profiles of academics. Encompassing a variety of practices and research interests, RADAR included a range of early career to established researchers.

Teaching in Lifelong Learning

teaching in lifelong learning

The Teaching in Lifelong Learning Journal is a peer reviewed journal publishing articles that inform and improve practice in the lifelong learning sector (LLS). It intends to support initial teacher training (ITT) and continuing professional development (CPD) across the wider LLS and within the broader context of higher education (HE).

Identity Papers

identity papers

The University of Huddersfield’s Academy for British and Irish Studies was established in 2009, and this journal develops out of its varied and interdisciplinary work. It seeks a wide and cross-disciplinary audience from inside and outside the university sector, and draws on robust research to communicate ideas connected with identities in Britain and Ireland, today and in the past, in a readable way.

Fields: journal of Huddersfield student research

fields: journal of huddersfield student research

Fields: journal of Huddersfield student research is a peer reviewed journal developed as part of the University of Huddersfield Teaching and Learning strategy to support and showcase the best of our student work in terms of research across all the seven Schools that make up the University of Huddersfield. The journal features primarily work by undergraduate students but can include occasional postgraduate taught work. The journal includes articles but also welcomes submissions from practice based research which can include poems, designs, music scores, drama productions, case studies etc.

Postgraduate perspectives on the past

postgraduate perspectives on the past

Postgraduate Perspectives on the Past has been established with the aim of disseminating a wide range of high quality research in the fields of history, heritage and archaeology. The journal provides an opportunity for postgraduate historians to publish on a range of themes and places, from prehistory to contemporary history, including British, European and world history, reflecting on the current state of the field and offering new perspectives.

Crime Security and Society

crime security and society

Crime, Security and Society is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed publication with an applied focus on crime and security issues. Research papers co-authored by academics and practitioners from different disciplines (or fields) that would not ordinarily publish collaborative research together, are particularly sought, as are those of both interest and utility to academics, practitioners (e.g. police and security personnel) and policy makers.

Performance and Mindfulness

performance and mindfulness

Performance and Mindfulness arises out of the work of the Centre for Psychophysical Performance Research at the University of Huddersfield. The development of this journal forms part of a growing body of practice and research in this area and includes establishing an active and collaborative international network of researchers and practitioners centred at the University.