• Author Spotlight - Calligraphic Architecture: Stroke to form, space and surface. How does Arabic Calligraphy influence the design process of Zaha Hadid in her creation of architectural forms?

    Posted by Huddersfield Press on 2021-05-17

Huddersfield literature student Hammad Haider published an article in the 2021 edition of Fields, our open access student research journal. We asked him to tell us about his research and his article.

A design research article that aims to visually investigate the possible connection between Arabic Calligraphy and Architectural forms using the design process of Star Architect Zaha Hadid. The generation of conceptual architectural forms early in a project phase includes numerous iterations of design possibilities making it a crucial stage in conceiving an idea, therefore this article intends to realise a unique way of producing these forms from single calligraphic strokes into a space that could be seen as a building to be inhabited. The research includes the authors personal exploration in addition to analysis of existing works from the portfolio of Hadid. Overall it aims to take the reader on a journey of envisioning space in different dimensions and realising that Architecture and Calligraphy have a great deal in common and can be successfully linked in order to arrive at a formal design conclusion.

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