• Author Spotlight - Is there a deficit of Engineering principle as a result of the UK skills gap?

    Posted by Huddersfield Press on 2021-06-15

One of the students whose work was published in our 7th edition of FIELDS was Sam Edwards from the school of Computing and Engineering. Sam researched the possible UK skill gap in the engineering field through various factors and then investigated how this affected engineers' careers and futures. We asked Sam to tell us a bit more about his research below and you can read his full article here:

After nearly ten years in engineering and manufacturing, an apprenticeship, a HNC, a part time degree and professional incorporation: there are few people who by the age of 25 have the diverse experience and skills to assess the quality of engineers. My upcoming journal release will briefly investigate the state of engineering in 2020 mainly focussing on the quality of engineers and their training. Establishing an understanding of what factors feed into the UK skills gap and how this has affected apprenticeship training, graduate courses and the general quality of engineering skills given to individuals who undertake a career in manufacturing. Additionally, the results of an industry survey on the topic will reveal some interesting opinions on the subject matter at hand; with some suggestions on how industry would like the skills gap and skills quality deficit to be corrected.

-Sam Edwards. IEng, MIET

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