• What does open access publishing mean to you?

    What does open access publishing mean to you?

    Posted by Dawn Cockcroft on 2017-07-10

The transformation from print to digital publishing, particularly open access digital, has provided new spaces for previously undiscovered research and allowed us to make our content more discoverable, accessible and relevant to an ever-growing diverse readership. Exploring the journey towards open access publishing In the run up to the Northern Collaboration conference, we are gathering some information on how people think about open access publishing and what it means in relation to their own experiences and fields. We will be presenting a session at the conference titled: Embracing open access publishing for academic staff and student research where we will be exploring several key themes:
  • Why did the University of Huddersfield Press decide to get involved with open access publishing?
  • How has digital transformation played a part in this process?
  • How has open access publishing had an impact on our authors, students, research staff and wider scholarly community?
Share your views on open access publishing We thought it would be beneficial to kick the session off by sharing some real views from the library and publishing community on open access, which is why we need your help! If you have 60 seconds to spare, please pop by our Answer Garden and put some of the keywords in you think of in relation to open access publishing. We will be discussing the anonymous feedback during the conference session. Get involved Northern Collaboration on Twitter: @NorthernCollab University of Huddersfield Press: Website Twitter Kathrine Jensen @kshjensen Megan Taylor @Megan_Beech

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