• Music Beyond Airports celebrates 10,000 Open Access reads!

    Posted by Megan Taylor on 2020-02-03

Music Beyond Airports is an essay collection assembled from papers at the Ambient@40 International conference 2018 in Huddersfield. It celebrates Eno’s work and landmark release of Music for Airports in 1978, but also explores ambient music over the 40 years since that release. This publication examines the role of ambient music in society and culture and how it has developed over the past 40 years, considering societal, cultural and psychological angles (amongst many others) in the process.

Music Beyond Airports – an Open Access success

We are thrilled to see how popular the book has been so far, and how well it has been received by practitioners, researchers and critics in the field of ambient music. The print version is now into its second print run, and we are proud to be celebrating 10,000 Open Access reads, including pdf and ePub downloads.

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Chapter list:

  1. David Toop – How Much World Do You Want? Ambient Listening and its Questions

  2. Ambrose Field – Space In The Ambience: Is Ambient Music Socially Relevant?

  3. Ulf Holbrook – A Question of Background: Sites of Listening

  4. Richard Talbot – Three Manifestations of Spatiality in Ambient Music

  5. Simon Cummings – The Steady State Theory: Recalibrating the Quiddity of Ambient Music

  6. Monty Adkins – Fragility, Noise, and Atmosphere in Ambient Music

  7. Lisa Colton – Channeling the Ecstasy Of Hildegard Von Bingen: “O Euchari” Remixed

  8. Justin Morey – Ambient House: “Little Fluffy Clouds” and the Sampler as Time Machine

  9. Axel Berndt – Adaptive Game Scoring with Ambient Music

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