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    Posted by Huddersfield Press on 2020-04-29

Huddersfield University Press is a proud Open Access publisher and as such, we are always happy to promote and celebrate Open Access publications. However, we are not the only OA publisher and this post, and others to follow, will highlight various OA publishers and platforms. We will start with the various OA platforms, directories and archives available.

Informit and ScienceOpen are both open access platforms for academic research, hosting large numbers of open access articles and journals. Informit is largely used by Australian academics and contains specialised databases on native Australian culture. However, Informit also hosts many works by us and you can read more about Informit and our collaboration with Informit in our blogpost. ScienceOpen also hosts over 130 of our Open Access publications and has an amazing feature allowing you to build and maintain your own collections. It hosts over 59 million articles, 25,000 journals and in total, work by 26 million authors-- So there will always be plenty to choose from. You can read more about it in our blogpost.

Another amazing Open Access platform is DOAJ which hosts thousands of OA peer-reviewed journals (amongst which ours!) and has been around for nearly twenty years. It hosts a wide range of journals from an even wider range of disciplines. It also coauthors the ‘Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing’ and currently nearly hosts 5 million articles!

Open Library of Humanities -or Open Lib Hums for short, is an organisation committed to OA publishing in humanities and does so without author-facing article processing charges. It hosts multiple academic journals and also publishes its own interdisciplinary journal.

Open Arts Archive is a result of an international collaboration between various EU art institutions (including the UK). It hosts resources for students, researchers, the general public and anyone else who is interested. Open Arts Archive also offers free art history courses, ranging from art from Renaissance Venice to English graffiti.

Project Muse  provides open access books and journals, largely for humanities, arts and social sciences. Seven of our books are also available on Project Muse, amongst thousands of other publications.

In our next posts, we will discuss some Open Access publishers and Open Access platforms, repositories, libraries and more. Make sure to keep an eye out for these new blog posts or follow us on Twitter (@HudUniPress), Facebook (/hudunipress) or Instagram (@huddersfielduniversitypress)

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