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Author Spotlight - Speech presentation in newspapers: An empirical reader response

Posted by Huddersfield Press on 2021-05-10

Huddersfield linguistics student Matthew Butler is one of the students whose work is being featured in our 7th edition of FIELDS; our student research journal. We asked him about this research and the aims of his research:The research I report on in this paper is primarily concerned with how readers perceive speech to be presented in newspapers. I became interested in how speech is presented in [...]

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Author Spotlight: Celebrating the individuality of young children: Participatory assessment through child-led imaginary play in Reception Class

Posted by Huddersfield Press on 2020-05-15

Huddersfield student Sally Bee-Booth published an article in the sixth issue of our student research journal Fields. We asked her to write a short overview of her research.The government’s increased emphasis on numeracy and literacy assessment in reception class is extremely worrying as it risks failing to celebrate all children, in all their varied strengths and abilities, as being equally [...]

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