I You He She It: experiments in viewpoint, the Grist anthology 2017

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Simon Crump, Liam Brown, Poppy Connor-Slater, Matilde Christensen, Alexandra Davis, Jennifer Gledhill, Tracy Fells, Wes Lee, Olivia Randall, L. F. Roth, Andrew McDonnell, Claire Martin, Martin Nathan, J. H. Lewis, Mark Kenny, Michael Hargreaves, Russell Reader, Jo Hiley, John Beresford, Faye Chambers, John Rathbone Taylor, Ford Dagenham, Erinna Mettler, Gordon Williams, Max Dunbar, Ruby Cowling, Anthony Watts, Gaia Holmes, P. R., Ledlowe Guthrie, Siobhan Donnelly, Aileen Shirra, Shawni Dunne & William Thirsk-Gaskill
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The latest Grist Anthology is an innovative blend of some of the most exciting and freshest voices in prose and poetry today. It features five sections written from five distinct narrative viewpoints.

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