Anthropocosmic Theatre

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Nicolás Núnez, Deborah Middleton, Franc Chamberlain, John Britton, Etzel Cardena, Cash Clay, Edward McGurn, Daniel Reis Plá, Cassiano Sydow Quilici, Karoliina Sandström, Ana Luisa Solis Gil & Tray Wilson
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This new edition of Núñez’s Anthropocosmic Theatre contains the text of the original English translation plus additional contributions from Núñez and others. In part one, Núñez traces his researches in Nahuatlan, Tibetan and western theatre, to arrive at his design for a theatre of the human in the cosmos. Part Two explores how this work has developed, during the last three decades, into an approach to performance training and production that uniquely combines ritual and contemplative influences. New and previously untranslated writing from Núñez presents his idiosyncratic view of an awakened and expansive role for theatre today.

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