From Mummers to Madness: A Social History of Popular Music in England, c.1770s to c.1970s

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David Taylor
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Professor Taylor is a social historian who for many years taught at the polytechnics, later universities, of Teesside and Huddersfield and, more recently, at the Huddersfield & District University of the Third Age. He is best known for his publications on crime and policing, most recently Beerhouses, Brothels and Bobbies: Policing by Consent in Huddersfield and the Huddersfield District in the mid-nineteenth century but has a long-standing professional interest in popular leisure in general and popular music in particular, lecturing on the subject to a wide range of audiences.

In addition, he has a life-long personal engagement with a range of popular music from music-hall and folksong to rock n roll and reggae. From Mummers to Madness considers developments in the production and consumption of popular music in England over a period of some two hundred years, which saw dramatic changes in the socio-economic, demographic and cultural life of the country. Popular music, it is argued, was not simply a response to the wider developments that were taking place but contributed to the ongoing process of adaptation and change.

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