Publishing with Us

If you are interested in publishing a book, starting a new journal or transferring an existing journal, please contact us. We will be happy to explain the services that we have to offer and to discuss with you how we may be able to meet your publishing requirements and objectives.

Huddersfield University Press Journals do not currently charge an Article-Processing Charge (APC).

Our Book Processing Charges (BPCs) are highly cost-efficient and significantly lower-than-average.

Monograph proposals

If you would like to submit a monograph proposal, please contact us in the first instance with a brief outline of the subject matter and include any appropriate supporting information. Each proposal is considered on a case-by-case basis and is assessed at this stage by the Publishing Manager as to whether the content sits within the scope of our publishing programme. Upon initial approval of the content outline, we will offer assistance on completing our official monograph proposal form. This form, along with any draft or final materials are sent for review by the Press Editorial Board and appropriate external experts. We would normally secure a minimum of three independent external peer reviews in addition to the comments from the Press Editorial Board.

Monograph peer review process

  1. The Publishing Manager will work with the author to ensure the official proposal form and any supporting content is ready to be submitted to the Press Editorial Board, where a decision will be made as to whether to proceed with the proposal. The Board may request revisions, clarification or additional information on any issues before making the decision.

  2. If the Board regards the proposal appropriate for further consideration, the Publishing Manager will organise for the content to be peer reviewed by relevant independent external field experts. This process can take up to three months to complete depending on availability of reviewers and complexity of content.

  3. Peer review comments are collated and communicated to the author as feedback. The author is then asked to respond to the peer reviews and address any issues or respond to any suggestions which may have been made.

  4. Once the peer review process has been concluded to a level considered satisfactory by the Board, the monograph can then be accepted and passed to the Publishing Manager to begin production.

  5. The Board reserves the right to decline the proposal at any point in the consideration process, in which case the Publishing Manager will discuss with the author how to proceed.